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Sigma Supergun question

Post by acgamer »

Hi Guys,

Is there any known adapters or hacks for the sigma 8000tb to work with the AV7000?

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Re: Sigma Supergun question

Post by Paulie »

I know we spoke via pm but after giving it a little more thought, someone correct me if I'm wrong as this is just an educated guess.

You could make a little DB15 to 13 pin DIN connector cable.

Or a little more drastic you could either chop the end off the cable you have and wire it to a male 13 pin DIN whch is what the AV7000 uses, or buy a 9000TB cable and chop the end off and wire it to a male DB15 connector

Or get some wire a 13pin male DIN connector (you can even buy these cheaply on ebay with a scart socket to one end which you could just chop off to save some work) and a male DB15 connector and build one from scratch. This is the same idea as making a connector cable but just using longer lengths of wire.

Im sure I have the pinouts somewhere if you want them.
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Re: Sigma Supergun question

Post by fubarduck »

I happen to be looking for the pinout of the 13 pin DIN on the 9000TB, please provide if you have it laying around!
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Re: Sigma Supergun question

Post by Eddierang »

Paulie, I’m interested in the pin outs on the AV7000 13 pin adapter
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