Blast City Repair Question

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Re: Blast City Repair Question

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grantspain wrote:it don't annoy me one bit,just having a giraffe with yer guv ;)
Cool ya had me worried there. :awe:
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Re: Blast City Repair Question

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cools wrote:
neofrank wrote:
grantspain wrote:multiple issues read for can´t repair it,whats the bet you end up with a nice new betson or billabs
Hope this isnt the case, but we will see :cry: they were recommended by Ken Westerfield so I am giving them the benefit, and I really want my blast working.
I feel your pain. Ordyne's come back with bad news about my Windy II chassis too. :(
its not all bad, you both have options available, ie replacement chassis's, depends if you have burn issues aswell, in which case if you decide to replace the entire monitor you may then have tube mounting issues depending on what replacement tube you get, all of which are problems I have faced with the Windy I/II and the Blast City and managed to get around.
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Re: Blast City Repair Question

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Chassis replacement is on the cards. I'd not bother getting a new monitor - if I'm doing that I might as well just splash out on a new cab that's a little easier to move around :) Lack of funds hinder the latter though, I've been without arcade games for nearly 2 months now :|
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Re: Blast City Repair Question

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Got the chassis back this weekend and its working again, woohoo!

They said there was a problem with the power circuit, and the HOT was shot, so grantspain you were on the mark as usual :D

The guys that worked on it were:"
They were prompt replying to emails, etc. It did take several weeks for them to get to it, but after that they tested it for a day or so and then were quick to ship it back to me.

Just glad to have it up and going.
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Re: Blast City Repair Question

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glad its sorted for you and also good to know that this company exists for our u.s members
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