JVC BM-H2000PND No Display.

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JVC BM-H2000PND No Display.

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JVC BM-H2000PND PVM monitor which i haven't touched for over a year and was fine last time i used it. Turned it on recently and its was making a clicking sound which is accompanied with the screen jolting ever so slightly every now and then, a similar click sound the monitor makes when the screen refresh rate changes. Was doing that for about half hour and now i have no display at all!!.

I have tried discharging and cleaning the anode cap and replacing but not luck, dont appear to get a raster if i turn the brightness all the way up either, there is a faint blow from the neck tube and i can hear the high pitch whine sound.

check points on the neckboard and the heater voltage is be in the correct tolerances so that would suggest the flyback at fault possibly??

The service manual can be found here...

http://www.electronic-circuitry.com/e/a ... 1&id=65263

its for the Panasonic but apparently its the same monitor

The flyback is labled as CJ28256-00A but its appears there is no new stockj anywhere can a alternative flyback be used??
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