Image cut in half on Nanao MS9?!?

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Image cut in half on Nanao MS9?!?

Post by buffi »

Anyone know what can cause an image to have a big black line in the middle of the screen, and then have the image wrap over (image below).

If I leave it running like this, eventually the monitor shuts itself off (loses sync?)
Then when I restart it, it starts working perfectly again?!?

Image of issue:

I tried to just recap the chassi, and replaced all caps except:
C101 (stuck with glue on bottom)
C203 (stuck with glue on bottom)
C402 (stuck with glue on bottom)
C406 (stuck with glue on bottom)
C911 (I bought the wrong filter cap cause I'm dumb)

I still got the same issue afterwards.

Could it be related to one of the caps I didn't replace (since it starts working again after it gets uh... heated up/caps loaded/something?).
Anything else I should look at?
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