Removing the monitor on a Egret 2

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Removing the monitor on a Egret 2

Post by radiantsvgun » April 22nd, 2009, 5:06 pm

Hi guys, I need to move my e2 up a couple of flights of stairs, and I was wondering how I take the monitor out?

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Re: Removing the monitor on a Egret 2

Post by penrhos » April 22nd, 2009, 6:12 pm

Easy - if your carefull

Open the back -

Disconnect the big plug that connects the chassis to the JAMMA & Power looms.
Disconnect the ribbon cable that goes to the monitor remote PCB.
Undo the four screws that hold the chassis mounts to the horizontal bar in the cab.
Use some string/wire to hold the chassis to the wooden mount so you dont have to disconnect any wires from the tube.

Open the front -

look for a pair of screws at the top & bottom of the wooden plate (they have a large washer on them) & remove them.
Get hold or the two metal bars at the corner of the tube and use them as handles to carefully lift the turntable, tube and suspended chassis out of the cab.
Place in a safe location (it will stand upright on the turntable).

Things to be carefull of -

Obviously - dont try this while its still plugged in or has been used recently
Dont sick your fingers on the bottom of the chassis as the capacitors hold quite a charge.
When lifting out go slowly and check nothing is getting tangled up - also make sure you dont bash the neck of neckboard on anything or you'll smash the tube.
Dont just let the chassis hang by the wires as thats a surefire way of breaking something.
Dont put the tube anywhere you are likley to knock it over or bang into it.

To reassemble - reverse the procedure.
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