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Post by 126146 » June 9th, 2018, 2:47 pm

Hey everyone,

Today I bought my first 'reference monitor' (JVC TM-H1700GU, 17-inch COLOR MONITOR) for € 25 :) . Of course Sony PVM / BVM is the holy grill and certainly a better option, but of course you pay a lot more for this :shifty: .

This question is maybe off-topic, but, who oh who has this too and can tell me what the best settings are for this monitor for the ultimate gaming experience? The S-Video cables for my consoles have not yet arrived and unfortunately have to do with composite cables for now :cry: :hinthint:


High-Resolution, Large-Screen, Multi-Purpose, Utility Monitor that's Ideal for Multiplexer Applications
750 Lines of Horizontal Resolution
Underscan to support multiplexer applications
16:9/4:3 Selectable Aspect Ratio
Multi-Format Compatibility: NTSC/PAL, 120V/230V AC
Big Screen, Small Cabinet Design
On-Screen Menu
Wired Remote Control
UL/CE Approved

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