Nanao 2930-SE convergence problem

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Nanao 2930-SE convergence problem

Post by 300wins »

What would be the best way to fix convergence problems on a Nanao 2930-SE? Would changing out the chassis to a Nanao 2931 (auto-sync) help? Or does this problem have to do with the tube and not the chassis?
Or would the best method be the one grantspain suggest in this thready:" be the best to try with the magnets?

The center looks pretty good (as seen here):"
but the corners, especially the lower right corner has pretty crappy convergence.

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Nanao 2930-SE convergence problem

Post by kamex »

It would be worth trying the magnet method. I have an MS2930 with bad corner convergence, and I've managed to make one of the corners slightly better so far, still need to do more to fix everything. At least character portraits in that corner aren't a red, blurry mess anymore.

If you can't get proper convergence strips, I had decent results with cutting a small piece of magnetic strip and taping it on the end of flimsy cardboard and using that.
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Re: Nanao 2930-SE convergence problem

Post by hedorah »

Yah my 33 has terrible corner convergence in the upper left corner which is kindof depressing me, so let me know if you find any good results.
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