High-end Vewlix complete guide (1440p screen, sound, lighting, controllers, configuration, emulation...)

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High-end Vewlix complete guide (1440p screen, sound, lighting, controllers, configuration, emulation...)

Post by artik » March 9th, 2019, 5:44 pm

Hi all Otaku gamers!

I really wanted to write this topic because it took my 2 months to reach the perfect high-end Vewlix. Of course it's personal tastes, and a significant budget. But because many people asked me and were interested, I decided to take my Saturday to explain, show and answer all questions you can have related to this craziness. Feel free to comment, giving me your opinion :)


Before everything, I think it's a good idea to show you the final result. Details will come with each sections :)


THE SCREEN (1440p)

Budget: 600€ https://www.amazon.com/LG-32GK850G-B-Ga ... B078TTXLW5

There is nothing better than a high resolution screen, especially when you play close to it. My first preocupation was this. I received the vewlix with a native 720p screen (the previous owner told me was a 1080p. Not really :P). So I started to look over internet, and I finally decided to go as simple as possible: Not unframing anything. Just placing a LG 1440p/144hz monitor inside the original vewlix, and without glass. Result is gorgeous!

You can find all the details about the installation here: https://forum.arcadeotaku.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=39387
I won't post it again as I think it really needs a dedicated topic. Here is the 1440p screen working :D



Budget 200€ https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Surroun ... ics&sr=1-2

I was also dissapointed with the sound. It wasn't clear and needed a bit of refreshing. I found a Logitech THX pack (logitech z906) with speakers that alsmot fit in the Vewlix, but also a 4.1 mode. The sound with the subwoofer (out of the vewlix) was absolutly amazing. Problem: it doesn't fit inside the cabinet. So I decided to unscrew it to place the speaker directly inside the vewlix, but without his box, I lost all the basses. It was a bad experience, but I still have the 4 logitech speakers installed. Still better than the original. Here are the picture:

Unmounting the original speakers:

Unmounting the Logitech speakers

Placing the Logitech inside the original case. For this step you hve to screw it inside the box, as the speakers are 3mm wider than the originals, so you won't be able to close the plastic cover:

Adding a little black mousse. Otherwise the grey speakers are too visible and it's ugly:

Left new speaker, right old one :)


Budget 300€ https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/

The Vewlix comes with original Sanwa buttons. Too noizy for me, so I bought silent ones (BTW I love them), and much better in the officel when the team is playing ;) I also rewired properly, and screwed the brook on a fixed wooden piece, changed the buttons and stick colors. Here is before and after;



Budget 1200€
With a 1440p screen only comes a strong PC. GTX1080, 1GB SSD, etc. Connected to my steam account, selection of emulators, and here we go! Note that the PC is really important for the configuration later.


Bench/stool: https://www.neo-legend.com/fr/bancs-et- ... -cuir.html
I personaly don't recommend it. it's too tight for 2 players.


We all love these lighting effects, when they're used proprely. I bet on the red color as it's quite compatible with the black and white of my vewlix. Alimentation comes from the PC AC, using a 12v SATA to feed the led stripes in energy. There is a big advantage doing this: all lights turn on/off with the PC. Here is the back of the vewlix:


I did the marquees by myself, in a proper size/resolution. If you need it I can upload the PSD file. I printed it on a "Backlight paper". It's a special type of paper made to be backlighted. You can easily find it on Amazon.



The PC gives you total freedom on your configuration. Here is for me the best:

Aside the controllers (brook universal boards) I placed 4 buttons. 3 whites and one black.
The black is connected to the power pin of the motherboard, AND at the "PS button" of the universal brook. This button as 2 features: Boot the PC, and close the games. Of course under windows, change the behavior of it in power settings, otherwise it will also turn off your PC.

The 3 white buttons are used for: Add coin, volume - and volume +.

To set all this, I'm using JoyToKey https://joytokey.net/en/
Espacially the Alt+F4 on the black button, and volume +/-


I didn't need thousand emus and games. For an optimal setup, I tried EVERYTHING (frontends, emuls, etc etc). For the plateforms I wanted, here are the best I found (and configurable as I wanted with filters, etc etc)

Fontend: Bigbox (paired with launchbox) - License: 50$ (but damn it... it REALLYYYY worth it!) https://www.launchbox-app.com/
Arcade: Finalburn Alpha https://www.fbalpha.com/
Atomiswave: Demul https://segaretro.org/DEmul
Saturn: Mednafen https://mednafen.github.io/
Steam (for PC games) https://store.steampowered.com/ I buy them way cheaper here: www.instant-gaming.com

If you're facing an issue with player 1/2 switch because of windows, here is the solution: https://forum.arcadeotaku.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=39240


In all this setup, I still have a little issue with player 3/4. Both brook are properly set player 1 joy 1, player 2 joy 2. When I boot a Xbox one wireless controller, it becomes the player 1 joy 1, and both brooks switch to player 2 and 3. Really annoying. So I still have with little issue ;) Topic created here: https://forum.arcadeotaku.com/viewtopic ... 89#p510493

Also, looking for a wider 2players bench in black. If you have any link for a EU delivery, I'l really appreciate as I'm not happy with mine :P


To setup all the machine, add games, etc, I'm using a Mac mouse/keyboard, both wireless. But I also use the Remote Desktop feature on windows to connect to my Vewlix and setting it up from a computer.


What about watching a video :) Hope you'll enjoy it and I gave you some tips/ideas

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Re: High-end Vewlix complete guide (1440p screen, sound, lighting, controllers, configuration, emulation...)

Post by FcoBenitez » March 9th, 2019, 6:27 pm

Nice guide man, it looks perfect 8-)
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Re: High-end Vewlix complete guide (1440p screen, sound, lighting, controllers, configuration, emulation...)

Post by mirkvid » March 10th, 2019, 4:06 am

Awesome guide and pics, thanks for sharing!

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Re: High-end Vewlix complete guide (1440p screen, sound, lighting, controllers, configuration, emulation...)

Post by mRCaESaR » March 10th, 2019, 11:55 pm

That is crazy high end! I won't be upgrading to a 1440p setup anytime soon...

I probably would upgrade the speakers though.

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