Where to buy a high quality power supply

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Where to buy a high quality power supply

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Hey all :D
I picked up an old beat up Aero City that i'm working to restore to it's former glory. One of the major missing parts is the power supply. It would be nice to replace it with the real deal, but it seems unlikely i'm going to come across one any time soon. Does anyone have a recommendation for a high quality power supply? I've seen the ones on aliexpress but from what i've read the Min Dong ones don't output -5v, and are otherwise a bit dodgy. Peter Chou PSUs seem to be a rarity these days too.

Please Help! It's going to be a straight JAMMA setup so it doesn't need anything fancy JVS wise. Totally open to buying from any region as i'm in New Zealand so i'm a million miles away from everything anyway :P
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Re: Where to buy a high quality power supply

Post by nem »

Yeah, don't go for a Min Dong. I have one here and it's dead as a doornail.

I would grab an original PSU from an arcade machine. Yaton has a bunch for decent prices:

http://stores.ebay.com/yaton6262/_i.htm ... wer+supply

For new PSUs, both of these should be good:

Meanwell MWP-606
https://www.meanwelldirect.co.uk/produc ... efault.htm

Happ Power Pro
https://na.suzohapp.com/products/power_ ... 80-0064-00
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Re: Where to buy a high quality power supply

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Re: Where to buy a high quality power supply

Post by Jan »

very nice
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