Replacing a power supply unit New Astro

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Replacing a power supply unit New Astro

Post by ElPancho » September 1st, 2008, 2:02 pm

Yesterdag my psu in my New Astro gave up.
It was smoking a bit a had a loud bang, like fireworks.
The monitor and game were still running fine at this point.
I unplugged the cab immediately.
Tested the game right away in an other cab and it seems that it has survived the psu-calamity.

Since the cab seems otherwise fine (no fried wires or damaged monitor) i'd like to install a new psu.

Since the original astro psu's are quite heavy and expensive to ship, ideally I'd like to fit a standard psu.
I have seen rather cheap ones on the net but those are missing the degauss button. And degaussing is something I'd still like to do after the psu has been swiched.

How does one go about changing power supplies ? Is it possible to degauss manually and use the cheaper psu or do I really have to hunt down an original Astro PSU ?
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