Retro Daily repro stickers

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Retro Daily repro stickers

Post by erzane »

Hi there,

I've received the stickers from William Liu ( and I'm quite satisfied with the quality of his stickers. I was looking for the main sticker (Sega phone number sticker which was made to phone Sega in the case the gamecenter owner wanted more cabs) and have made a lot of researches, even found one in another place but I wasen't satsfied (I don't recommand buying from Zona Arcade - Mikonos, his work isn't good), but this time I have to confess this one from Retro Daily is marvelous, really good! Vinyl quality and printing are awsome!

Btw, I was surprised to discover : the blue color of the repro (phone sticker) is more deep, maybe it's normal since the original could have been fadded with time) ; and the size of some stickers from the set aren't the same as the original ones I've got on my cab (pls see pics for more details). Regarding to the door stickers, it clearely seems that Retro Daily missmeasured it since I've never seens such a small door sticker, I guess the size of the two other ones (the phone and the grey) are also missmeasured.

Also, I know there is a few different New Astro series. Their stickers are based in different places. Maybe some New Astros does have more or less stickers. What about yours? Could you show me the back of your cab and measure your own original stickers dimensions?

N.B. : if you order from retrodaily, be carefull to check the content of your order because in my case, Ive paid 47$ for a 18x sheet set (usually one sheet is only 25$) and Ive received only 1x sheet.
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Re: Retro Daily repro stickers

Post by mRCaESaR »

I've been trying to look for someone to do the whole blast set but I've had no luck.

I did come across those decals you've posted and I wanted to make the purchase due to the Sega one, but I'm hoping someone else can make a full set of the blast city ones.

Does the key one decal only come as 1? I believe on the astro it goes into 4 areas? (not including the coin bucket area)
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Re: Retro Daily repro stickers

Post by yosai »

The top centre one is an asset tag, I've had identical ones stuck to games.
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