Troubleshooting astro ms-9

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Re: Troubleshooting non powering astro. Newbie needs help!

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Well, i got distracted for another 3 years, but my wife agreed to let me bring the cabs in the house so now I'm working on them again!
I've cleaned the cab and managed to get the ms9 to fire up, but I'm suffering vertical collapse.

I did order the IC and replaced it today, and things changed, haha.
I see it as a win. Because I'm not the best guy with an iron. I did discover there's some other things to consider, and I may have a bad replacement part.

I am unsure what to do next. I pulled the chassis again to inspect parts near the vertical area. Lots of damage it seems....not good.

I need to probably figure out the voltages, but I may just spend the $200 and ship it away to arcadecup to fix it.

Have some body work to do, but discouraged by the monitor issue.
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