Competition Idea

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Re: Competition Idea

Post by instant_classic »

I want to know more about this poker night :awe:
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Re: Competition Idea

Post by Tyranix95 »

DandySephy wrote:
Tyranix95 wrote: I think the best way is the Honor system, with eveyone playing thier own board.
This is a pretty small forum as things go, you'll have trouble finding a board that more than a few people own but is suited to score.

How about deciding a small criteria, then having people list their games that fall into that criteria. After say, two weeks (allows for updated lists if people get new arrivals), count up the list and choose the game with the most owners.
Post your list of acceptable score boards.

I posted mine on Pg. #4.

And let's see who has what.
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Re: Competition Idea

Post by jepjepjep »

Taking that idea a step further, how about creating a poll with a list of possible games. Each member can vote on one if they have it or are willing to buy one for the competition.
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Re: Competition Idea

Post by pubjoe »

I'd be up for either:
  • Joint purchase and time share, or
  • Mame
I only have an original SFZ3 board and I doubt I'd be arsed to try and buy a game just for the comp.

My personal feeling with a joint purchase is that a fraction of the PCB cost plus postage would be small enough to be feasible. Even if something does go wrong along the way - **** - it's better than everyone buying the game. This way anyone without the chosen game can join in fairly cheaply, and the risks of postal damage are just the same as if everyone was to individually buy it - actually lower as it can be packed in the same decent padded box for each journey. I also like the idea of the winner keeping it. That way, the hassle of it all makes some kind of sense. Finally, a newly bought game as both the challenge and prize means that there's less likelihood of, or motivation for, a competitor who's already mastered it. In other words: less chance of trying to beat mufunyo at tetris.

And it's not that much hassle. chipping in for a game, playing it at some point then posting it is perfectly doable for a laugh.
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Re: Competition Idea

Post by Spectre »

New year bump. I like the cut of pubjoe's jib and have got a Dynablaster board I'll donate. Play it for a bit, take a photo of your high score, take a photo of your nutsack touching the board (to reveal later once the winner has the board), post it on to the next challenger. Would be a fun little compo. :awe:
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