How to wire a Capcom 2L12B Dreamcast controller panel

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How to wire a Capcom 2L12B Dreamcast controller panel

Post by ravepants » February 27th, 2020, 9:52 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've been trying to work this out for a while, and figured there must be, or will be other people that need to do it.

This is what you need and how to wire a Capcom 2L12B panel with Dreamcast ports to your Naomi (and how to test the DC controllers)

Incidentally, the official cables that are extremely difficult to find are 605-0066 (A) and 605-0063 (B)

You will need:

2 x 5 pin JST P female connectors and pins.
1 x 10 pin JST NH female connector and pins.
1 x 11 pin JST NH femal connector and pins.
4 Core 22AWG flexible cable (4/5 metres)

Only 4 of the ports 5 pins are actually used, Pin 3: Ground is not used.

Pin 1: Data pin 1 (+2-3V)
Pin 2: +5V
Pin 4: Sense (+0.05V)
Pin 5: Data pin 5 (+2-3V)

Also note, DO NOT get the +5V pin wrong or you will burn out the zener diode on the board like I did first time round!

On the connector labeled CN6 please note the first pin is not populated.

I haven't got round to making a wiring diagram yet, but here is a picture of the pinout:


And here is a link to a higher res version:

To test the Dreamcast controllers are working you will need to boot into a supported game, I used capcom vs snk 2001 millionaire.

Go into the test menu, scroll down to game settings, when in game settings go to input test, then press (JVS) start and button one to skip to page 2, this will display the Dreamcast controllers for P1 and P2, plug a controller into port 1 and it should beep, you can then see all the buttons, dpad and analogues working when pressed etc, plug into port 2 and the same thing should happen.

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