Noob to cave games question

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Noob to cave games question

Post by Hrvat9 »

I just got a espgaluda in the mail and from what I’ve read over the years of creeping , the varta battery leaks. It has been removed but I want to put one back if that will save scores/settings. Is that what it was intended for? Also what’s the point of the switch beside the battery? I read it clears the nvram? And kills a BL game. Can I just remove it also?
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Re: Noob to cave games question

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Replace it with a coincell. It’s under arcade misc.

Iirc you can / it’s easier to mount the coincell on the under side of the board.

That being said, you don’t need it for espgaluda, ketsui or DOJ WL. It doesn’t save scores, unless you used a hacked rom. I removed mine altogether.
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