Weird Metal Slug 3 MVS issues

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Weird Metal Slug 3 MVS issues

Post by Benimaru »

Hey guys,

I've just received a MS3 cart from YAJ, unfortunately it is not working propperly:

- There is no NG boot screen, the game is jumping immediately to the title screen which isn't displaying INSERT COIN
- No sound
- Selects automatically 2 players in the character select screen
- No "CREDITS" or "FREE PLAY" mentioned on the lower screen ingame

The boards are legit, there are no resoldered points and they matching the scans found online. It's the version with daughterboard. I've cleaned the contacts thoroughly with isoprop alcohol.
MoBo is a european MV1-FZ without multibios.

Anyone have an idea what's wrong with my game? :(
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Re: Weird Metal Slug 3 MVS issues

Post by doop9174 »

I don't know if this will help you, but I had some issues with a legit Metal Slug 3 cartridge and an MV-1B Board.

The game would start up and get to the title screen, but as soon as I hit start or the attract mode began or anything with gameplay appeared, the system would reset. Cleaning the board with alcohol or an eraser didn't help. Every other MVS cartridge I own works on this board, including early and late releases.

I reached out to the seller and he sent me the MV-1C board that he tested it on, and when I tried it with that board, it worked perfectly. I believe both boards have an original Asian region BIOS. The seller was willing to sell me that MV-1C for a reasonable price, so that's how I solved the issue. I don't know if you would have the luxury to try this on another board.

I'm not an expert, so I don't want to claim with certainty that there was some type of weird incompatibility between the cartridge and my MV-1B. I've heard that MVS can sometimes be fickle, though that is mostly related to the multi slot boards.

I know this doesn't really offer a solution, but it's possible that your cartridge is fine and your board is fine, but they just won't work together.
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Re: Weird Metal Slug 3 MVS issues

Post by eggsanwich »

Try clearing the backup ram on the motherboard (from the test menu), that can sometimes resolve weird issues like this.
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Re: Weird Metal Slug 3 MVS issues

Post by kernow »

Good suggestion
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