PGM motherboard sound crackling

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PGM motherboard sound crackling

Post by Neo'nate »

Fired up a PGM mobo yesterday for the first time in a while and the motherboard emits a crackling sound when no audio is playing. When audio is playing it plays crystal clear and the crackling disappears completely.

I have removed the battery, cant see any damage to traces and I've cleaned the jamma edges.

The mobo does have one of the older style rotational pots, this looks clean and clear but as it turns it doesn't take the board to silent when turned all the way down and the variance of sound when rotating the pot isn't all that different in terms of sound from quiet to loud. I've noted a few people removing these wheels and reinstalling new ones, but not for the reasons described here and I haven't noted any repair logs describing the same audio issue as this from a PGM mobo.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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