NAOMI : confusing voltage mesurements

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NAOMI : confusing voltage mesurements

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In order to fine tune my PSU (blast city) voltages for the NAOMI i checked 5v on the CN1 and CN2 connectors.
Actually i get different mesurements depending on the pin i use for GND (even on the same connector !)
Difference as big as 0.15v between differents GND pins. Especialy the one at the "top" on CN2 (near VGA) vs all the others.

Super confused

Edit : Add to that, when i move multimeter's leads (inside the JST connectors to touch the pins) the mesurement can vary +/- 0.1v depending on the lead "position/angle" (more or less pressure applied) Does it make sense... ? Once the lead are still, the voltage don't move, but will not be at the same reading than the previous position...

Exemple below : two GND on CN2
Can it be related to pins oxidation ?

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