Buying arcade games in japan

Coin-operated games and arcades.
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Re: Buying arcade games in japan

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You won't find any pcb/arcade stores in DenDen Town.
Go to "Game Kanaya" in the north of Osaka. Take the Midosuji line to Higashi-Mikuni.
It's a nice shop with a lot retro pcbs. Some are price wise attractive, some not.
If you speak Japanese you will like the shop owner, because he is very chatty. Btw. he owns the shop since 30 years and it's the oldest arcade shop in Japan.
I went there 3 weeks ago and it was worth it."

If you go there, say some "yoroshiku" from the German who bought Salamander 2 etc. :awe:

For retro games check "retro tenteidan", "A-Too" or the "Super Potato" stores. In Osaka you have more than 10 branches of Super Potato, so I guess you can find something.
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Re: Buying arcade games in japan

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Thanks a lot! That sounds like some really helpful advice! Will check it out. Although I just started to learn Japanese. So anything that goes beyond talking about "Mike Miller" the American business man who has a "meishi" with all the information about his company on it, I'm lost...yet :D
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Re: Buying arcade games in japan

Post by hedorah »

Thanks for posting this! I have been looking for PCB shops in the Kansai area for years to no avail. I will have to check this out on my next trip out.
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