Konami distributor news

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Konami distributor news

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Ello folks,

Skanked off http://www.ddruk.com:
DDR:uk, quoting Konami I guess wrote:Konami have confirmed the change in their Master Distributor and After Sales Agent of coin operated video amusement products for the European, Russian, Middle Eastern and African markets to Electrocoin Group.

With many new products destined for the market in the coming year, such as Guitar Hero Arcade, Dance Dance Revolution X and GTI Club Supermini Festa, James Anderson of Konami said, “We are thrilled to be working once again with one of the most prestigious names in the European amusement business”.

John Stergides, Managing Director of Electrocoin, commented, “Konami is one of the biggest brands in the amusement business and they have some great looking products coming through. It has been approximately 10 years since we last handled the Konami product line and with the current line up of strong products we are pleased to be working together again”.

Konami’s aftersales and spares business will also move to Electrocoin as of January 2009, Mr Gary Scoble the General Manager of Electrocoin Aftersales Limited said “We are delighted that Electrocoin Aftersales & Service Ltd will be managing the after sales, support and repair service for Konami amusement products in the EMEA and Russian markets. We understand the importance of product longevity from manufacture to the end user, so our aim will be to support machines ranging from old to new alike for such a wide variety of product in a professional and responsive manner.”

For more information please visit the Konami Stand (2140) at ATEI 2009 or check http://www.konami.co.uk
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Re: Konami distributor news

Post by Ringtail »

Thank god, PMT who were the current lisence holders in the UK were useless. Ordered GF off them on 3 consecutive years and a IIDX once and they never delivered on their promises.
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Re: Konami distributor news

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PMT rip-off merchants.. nobody liked them..
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Re: Konami distributor news

Post by Pete »

So out with metal in with wood again :lol:
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Re: Konami distributor news

Post by penrhos »

Pete wrote:So out with metal in with wood again :lol:
Thats just what I was thinking - Konami goes Ikea.

Shudders at thought of another Electrocoin cab like the pink 6-slot MVS monster they built.
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Re: Konami distributor news

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I hope an e-amusement in Europe...
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