Do you remember the first time?

Coin-operated games and arcades.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by Stompp »

My first haul was Puyo Puyo 2, Super Spacefortress Macross, Columns 2 and Capcom vs SNK Chaos from a local guy here in Stockholm in July 2012. The first one that went into the cab must have been Macross :awe:
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by limpan »

My first PCB was Espgaluda, and the second one Mushihimesama Futari 1.5. Played them on my first cabinet (Sega Blast City) which I later traded straight for an Egret 2! :awe:
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by Chris »

A grey super street fighter 2 kind of like 10 years ago. It's my fav st game and still with me.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by ninn »

I have memories of a mobile arcade, that was build inside a container, was still loaded on the truck. It came to our town for a small festival. One side was fully opened, there were maybe 6,7 or 8 Cabs inside. I clearly remember the sound the rifled metal plates made when you entered the arcade via small metal ladder.

I remember seeing Outrun.
I think those were the first Cabs I saw.
Randy and Candy.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by Imhotep »

I remember playing Pacman in a restaurant in the mountains, I realized what the player sprite is only after the coin (spent by my grandmother :) ). Tiger Heli was next to it.

I also remember those trucks at fairs filled with machines, they had Toki and B.Rap Boys and some gun game that I can't identify.

I was into Neo Geo first, bought a home system because of Metal Slug 3. My first pcb finally was Esprade around 2002, a great start.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by devilcrush »

I had toyed with the idea of a Supergun and went to Raven like a lot of guys here, but went for a CMVS in 2006, I think the game I bought with it was Sengoku 3 kit, for £30!
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by Ex_Mosquito »

I picked up my first pcb in 96' from an arcade operator in Barry Island. It was a bootleg Robocop costing £50. Over the years I must've had about 40+ pcbs off him all for bargain prices.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by unofficialitguy »

When I bought my MVS cab, it came with an MV1 and a 111-in-1 cart. I later bought an MV4-F for it and traded the MV1 for a copy of Bust-A-Move Again.
When I bought my SNK Super Neo 29 Candy, it had another MV1 in it... but the audio was shot on it. Ended up swapping it out for an MV1FZ board that came with my copy of Waku Waku 7.

Bought a Showcase cab with SVC CHAOS in it (PCB not MVS cart) and ended up trading that for Samurai Shodown 4 that ended up getting converted into a Twinkle Star Sprites boot. Ended up getting another copy of SVC CHAOS for $20 on eBay.

I'm apparently a magnet for SVC and MV1 boards. They just end up in my hands somehow after I sell/trade them away
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by OlDirty »

My first PCB was Carrier Airwing (beginning this year).We always played that game on the beach in Italy during summer holidays. I remember from childhood Space Invaders, Frogger, Wardner, Tiger Road.Afer Carrier Airwing i bought Metal Slug 4 with a MVS. This should be the end of collecting, but then it all began.. Bloody Cave addiction and collecting PCBs. I need just Muchi muchi pork,hmm no maybe also a few others.grr But i think its all Mastercellos fault with his youtube pcb collection videos and also inviting me to his man cave :roll:
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by joeblade »

Mmmm Vulcan Venture as I remember from the guy who Raven eventually got some of his pcb's from when he started collecting before actually selling them, bout 1989-90 I think.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by Devil Soundwave »

Mine was Image Fight which I got with a crap £50 woody that I then made crapper with my lack of wood-working skills. I later learned that Image Fight was worth quite a bit of cash, but unfortunately I knocked it over and killed it as M72 boards are too big and fragile for someone as clutzy as me. :(
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by Moonwalker »

The first PCB I bought was Raiden Fighters Jet. Such a great game.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by MrPotatoHead »

Mine was a Tekken 2 PCB from ebay, sold as working yet didn't. It wasn't visible in the photos, but there was extensive damage to IC pins and traces that were beyond reasonable repair (I can solder fairly well, but not high pin count QFN packages with a 0.3-0.4 mm pitch, especially when they are all bent).

I did manage to get my money back, but it put me off getting into arcade game collecting. :(

Hopefully people here are more trustworthy being part of a community based around arcade games (except those blacklisted people).
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by pubjoe »

I'm sorry to hear that, MrPotatoHead. :(
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by pulstar »

Mine was a Darkstalkers Blue Board. Got it off ebay from quite a nice guy (surprisingly) who was helpful and fielded some of my newbie-centric questions.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by emphatic »

My first PCB was Silkworm. eBay for approx. 30 US dollars.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by cools »

Technically my first was Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (though to this day I remain convinced it was Alpha 2 Zero), as it came with the first woody I bought. Along with a bootleg Mortal Kombat and a faulty Crude Buster.

First independent PCB was Street Fighter II Turbo (world version, final Revision). I got it from Krool on #retrogames, who was/is in New Zealand.
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by kashkim »

First pcb i buy was raiden fighter , first arcade game i played as kid was double dragon
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by turntablism »

Back in 2008 i bought my first cabinet. It was a sega naomi virtua striker in very nice condition. And soon i got the snk candy 18 with metal slug 1.. and so on.... :palm:" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Do you remember the first time?

Post by rebel81 »

My first games were a MegaPlay with Golden Axe and Tennis and Super Dodge Ball for the Neo Geo. That was a long time ago, around 1999.
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