Pana Twin MP-29 Mahjong questions

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Pana Twin MP-29 Mahjong questions

Post by system11 »

Hi, I have some questions about using my new Pana.

1) There's a pot on the back labelled with some kanji, in the manual one part translates to 'serakon' which is apparently a ceramic capacitor. Any idea what this actually does? It's the one a few inches from the 5v adjust. Turning it appears to make no difference to s-vid or composite out.

2) Normal JAMMA games seem to be working more or less - I'm using S-Video at the moment due to lack of cables. Some picture elements can be off the top of the screen or cause odd colour sweeps on a single colour image but when you start playing it looks good. However when I put any mahjong game in, while they're fine in lowest res (generally test menu on boot is perfect), as soon as it goes into game and switches to the higher res, I lose sync and the picture turns mostly black & white. Is this a known problem with using the S-Video and Composite outs?

3) What does the sync related pot by the edge connector actually do? The R/G/B ones are pretty obvious.
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Re: Pana Twin MP-29 Mahjong questions

Post by Asayuki »

No clue about Pana, never had one, therefore this is a shot in the dark: from your description it sounds to me like that pot adjusts the frequency of the color carrier, which would be weird but cheaper than a high precision crystal.
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