Sigma AV5000/AV7000 streaky RGB processing?

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Sigma AV5000/AV7000 streaky RGB processing?

Post by alamone »

I have one of each of these superguns, but I find they're kind of picky with the PCB that's plugged in.
I'm using the RGB output, and it usually looks fine, but on certain PCBs including Gunnail and 1943,
the RGB output has bad streaking and it looks terrible. Is there some kind of RGB processing going
inside that's causing this? My homebrew superguns where I just connect the RGB directly work fine.
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Re: Sigma AV5000/AV7000 streaky RGB processing?

Post by bloodhokuto »

I never noticed this thread and this probably isn't much use, but have you tried the supergun on a different monitor.

I got a strange effects running a few on my boards, I was particularly distracted by a wierd effect on Ketsui.

I was running it on my Samsung LED TV and I was worried that something was up with the PCB, but when I tried it on aother TV (CRT) it looked fine.

Other games look outstanding on the LED TV - like this CPS2 of SFZ3 :"

So, I think it was a combo of that board and the TV.
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Re: Sigma AV5000/AV7000 streaky RGB processing?

Post by Cupp »

Hello people :)

I have this problem too, with a Sigma Raijin over Framemeister to Sony LCD.
Neo Geo stuff looks stunning but my CPS2 boards look horrible...

Not sure what's up with that :(
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