Much needed help connecting my supergun to my monitor.

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Much needed help connecting my supergun to my monitor.

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Hi all. I'm having a bit of an issue here. Now, I'm very new to all of this, so please bear with me. I recently purchsed a COMBO AV (special) from Japan a few weeks ago. When I got in in the mail, it was... A little damaged to say the least. Nothing I couldn't fix of course, but the supergun came with an s-video adapter, that I assume was left out of the box during customs inspection when it passed through Hong Kong. The screws were missing too and they bent the casing metal to hold it in place ( I guess they thought it might have been an explosive device or something.)

Problem is, the S-video adapter would have worked pretty solid on my LG smart TV, or on my LCD monitor. I can't seem to find a similar converter nor a proper 8-din cable here in the U.S.that isn't MIDI only. Even the scart cables I've looked at sold in the U.S. doesn't seem to fit the pin connectors quite right.

I was advised not to use a Genesis/Mega-Drive scart cable on one of these (with a scart conveter.) I'd also rather not have to solder anything AV-wise or splice cables together, though I do plan on doing some modding to the outer case (there's some rust and the buttons are a bit springy sounding and awful) in the near future.

Can anyone reccomend to me a 8-din s-video cable (or similar product) I could use without having to risk buying an RGB scart cable and wait for months to get it in the mail? As mentioned previously, I'm located in the U.S. and scart isn't exactly the most compatible thing around these parts. I asked the seller if they knew the exact brand and model of the s-video converter they tried to send me, but they never got back with me on it. I also can't find one anywhere online that would be suitable to fit the female connector... Thanks a lot, China Post.

Seriously though, any help sent my way would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I know if there's anyone that can help me out, it would be you guys.
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