Crtemudrive with W7 have no sync on crt

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Crtemudrive with W7 have no sync on crt

Post by @Alaska- » April 18th, 2019, 9:02 pm

Trying to build a mame pc with an hd6450 and crtemudriver but i can't get past the step (on calamity guide) where you enable edid emulation
pc monitor show scrambled picture (but altought still usable and still, and this get me confused since you re suppose to not have signal on lcd anymore)
and you switch plug to the crt
(usign umsa to convert vga to scart with negative polarity jumpers setting)

the crt i use works flawlessly with all the retroconsole i hooked up to it
but for some reason i m not aware of this doesn't work

also i'm not sure this is a syncing issue or the graphic card is still outputting a 31khz signal

anyway picture on the tv scrolling like crazy
i also already reinstalled everthing from scratch a couple of time and redid all the step
so i'm missing something here or probably the crt isn't enough flexible to display vga/rgb signal from pc
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