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Emulation / arcade tutorials

Post by zerochad » April 1st, 2018, 11:19 pm

So I've started writing tutorials on my personal blog related to emulation / arcade stuff, I haven't got many articles yet but posting it here so I could get some feedback from the community!
First few are about a small front-end that I discovered called Big Blue and skipping intros in MAME. Hoping to have more stuff in the next few months.

Site is https://cdcruze.com

Background info, always been a lurker in forums like these, and messing around with emulation. But never really shared any of my knowledge / things I figured out for myself, blog is sort of an outlet for that.

(I checked if the intros / rules forum if this was ok, seemed to be if it wasn't spam!)
My Site! Emulation / Arcade ramblings https://cdcruze.com

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