groovymame CRT emudriver 2.0 help

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groovymame CRT emudriver 2.0 help

Post by slai50 » September 1st, 2017, 6:35 am

I am so close to getting groovymame working and CRT emudriver 2.0 installed but am stumped on step 3 of calamity's CRT emudriver 2.0 HD5450- windows 7-super resolution guide. From calamity's guide it says:

Now I have an usable 15-kHz display, but I don't have a proper mode list yet which I can use for MAME. Back to VMMaker, and click on Edit Settings.
First I'll go to the User modes tab and browse for the "user_modes - super.ini" file. This is because I want to use "super" resolutions.Then, in the MAME tab, I'm only going to browse to my GroovyMAME folder, but I won't be listing modes from XML by now. What I'll do is to check "Export settings to GroovyMAME", so future monitor settings will be synchronized with VMMaker."

So do I go to the user modes tab and choose the user mode super resolution ini and double click on it? I then exit user modes tab and go to mame tab and click on the export setting to groovymame box? Is this it or is there something more? I guess I'm confused about the part where it says browse to the groovymame folder. Do I actually need to open up the groovymame folder? Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Re: groovymame CRT emudriver 2.0 help

Post by keropi » September 1st, 2017, 7:41 am

I have done exactly as the guide says and it worked for me, I pointed VMMAKER to the GM folder and clicked export as well. Just follow the guide to the letter and you'll be fine ;)

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