Groovymame .186 help

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Groovymame .186 help

Post by Beaps » June 23rd, 2017, 11:32 am

Hi all

I decided to update my Mame to the latest version and I have nothing but grief.

I am running XP 64bit, ATI Graphics card. I'm using emudriver 9.3.1 and VMMaker.

I have deleted the files from the Mame folder

- all the .cfg in the cfg folder
- Mame.ini
- content in the nvram folder

The problem I have is it's like I got an invisible grid on the screen and when a game scrolls it looks shocking.

I've gone in the options and there are to many to choose, throttle, d3d, HLSL, GLSL and so on.

I have been tinkering for hours and not has much luck.

Does anyone have a Mame.ini they can share that is sorted or tell me what needs to be on/off in the options.


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