Windows 10 and JPAC

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Windows 10 and JPAC

Post by slapaham » August 15th, 2016, 11:03 am

Hey all,

It's been a long time!

I've whittled my collection down somewhat and want to make a small MAME hookup for my SNK-18 cabinet. I've bought a Acer Revo M1601 and installed Windows 10 on it. Im looking for streamlined and easy solutions rather than perhaps the very best solution due to being rather timepoor these days!

Before I order myself a new Jpac, I just wanted to ensure that I'm not going to experience any issues... My biggest concern is with display. This machine has a display port so getting it to kick out VGA should hopefully be fairly straightforward. My understanding is that I need to kick out display at 15khz as opposed to VGA 31khz if I link up to a jamma harness to the cab monitor. Is there any solutions in order to do this? Soft15khz used to do this but I'm pretty sure that's not compatible with Windows 10. Anyone got any ideas? Or feedback? Or experience in this area?


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Re: Windows 10 and JPAC

Post by keropi » August 16th, 2016, 7:40 pm

If I understand correctly you want to interface a pc with a jamma board... then you do need a JPAC and CRTEmuDrivers 2.0 with a compatible vga (the hip one atm is the ATI 6450) and ofcourse use GroovyMame

drivers + guides: ... p?pid=1009
groovymame: https://54c0ab1f0b10beedc11517491db5e97 ... NkVW5jbEE/

with the above setup the 6450 will work at 15khz which you feed to the JPAC and then it goes to your monitor. Works perfectly and way better than any stock drivers/mame. :)

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