GroovyMAME/UME for dummies

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Re: GroovyMAME/UME for dummies

Post by cools » May 9th, 2018, 2:50 pm

I found the ones where he's saying pre-5000 series had the correct polarity default and 5000+ have it incorrect, and the fix being added to CRT_EmuDriver.

EDIT: Aha, found it. 6450 are faster, therefore might be more reliable for mega high super resolutions: ... msg1608538. However they only have a single analogue output.

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Re: GroovyMAME/UME for dummies

Post by keropi » May 9th, 2018, 9:54 pm

heh nice! maybe I was confused after all...
What I did end up getting was 2x 6670s with 1GB GDDR5 memory (most common is the GDDR3 models) just for some headroom. I also don't have a use for a 2nd analog output so I didn't think twice.
The way I see it though the future will be 1xAnalog if we are lucky since VGA ports are non-existent on newer cards, only budget ones still use them... I really hope someone will finish that framebuffer device so we get rid of all that D3D9ex/resolutions/driver qwirks once and for all, at one point it will be inevitable....

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