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by Highflyer
April 28th, 2019, 10:11 am
Forum: Arcade Games
Topic: Post your arcade games inventory
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Re: Post your arcade games inventory

Small collection, gotta wait until I have somewhere to put it before I buy any more.

Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Cabinet (currently in storage)

Konami System 573 (Dancing Stage Euromix 2)
Roxor Boxxor (In The Groove 2)
Konami Python 2 (Dancing Stage SuperNOVA)
by Highflyer
April 26th, 2019, 7:30 pm
Forum: Arcade Games
Topic: DDR Cabs
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Re: DDR Cabs

I think it depends on your budget here, the second hand market in New Zealand isn't *huge* for DDR cabinets, but with the newest version DDR A (and A20 once it's fully rolled out) being officially supported in the region, there might be a little increase in the availability in NZ and Australia parti...
by Highflyer
April 26th, 2019, 7:23 pm
Forum: Insert Coin
Topic: Introduce yourself here!
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Re: Introduce yourself here!

Hi all! Huge rhythm gamer, started playing DDR on my 11th birthday and nearly 18 years later haven't looked back. Over that time taught myself how to fix and maintain cabinets and have worked for several arcades on general maintenance, particularly focusing on the rhythm action genre of titles, but ...